Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

Stop Procrastination and Take Action

by: Greg Frost

Procrastination is a bad habit that can turn into a rapidly downward spiralling journey. It starts of innocently as an avoidance of tasks and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled, but if allowed to develop can turn into a nasty habit. There are many negative and harmful effects of procrastination, and it is vital that you learn to recognize the signs and take action to stop procrastinating.

If you have acknowledged that you have a problem, its time you sat up and did something about it. Don’t let procrastination ruin your life, relationships and job. Here are some suggestions that we have to encourage you to stop procrastinating.

Tip #1: Positive thinking

There is no such vocabulary as “cannot be done”. Your responsibilities can be done, no matter how daunting and challenging they may seem initially. Tell yourself that you can do it, and that you choose to do so. Recognize the fact that procrastinating is bad for you, and that you choose to overcome it, either by speaking to someone you trust to guide you, or by other self help means. The key here is that you want to overcome your habit of procrastinating, and that you choose to take positive action to do so.

Tip #2: Be Well Equipped

Part of getting any task done is having the right tools to do it. Make sure that you are well equipped mentally as well as physically. If it is an assignment that is due, make sure that you have done your research, or spoken to the tutors or superiors that you should have spoken to. Draw up a schedule to help you plan out what needs to be done, and what you have to do to accomplish your task.

Tip #3: Be Realistic

It is impossible to suddenly quite being procrastinating. Understand that it is as much a bad habit similar to smoking or drugs, and you need time to overcome this problem. Set yourself realistic goals, and draw up a chart to show yourself improving. Give yourself rewards for finishing tasks on time and before deadlines. With regards to your responsibilities, make realistic plans on how to go about doing them. Do not expect yourself to finish a 10,000 word assignment in a day, but space out your preparation and actual work over a reasonable amount of time.

Tip #4: Prioritise

You have a dozen tasks to complete, but you need to pick one. And that’s where you first started procrastinating, by choosing the easiest and least consequential task. Draw up a to-do list, and mark each item as urgent, important and unimportant. Do the tasks that are urgent and important first. Plan your time wisely and allow for breaks, which are just as important for you to unwind and relax your mind so that you don’t get too stressed.

Tip #5: Take Small Steps

It is no point to set yourself the task of scaling Mount Everest, when you have trouble climbing up two flights of stairs. You are overcoming the bad habit of procrastinating, do not expect miracles to happen just because you have decided to act and stop procrastinating. For each task that may seem Herculean, break it down into small components and parts that can be accomplished separately. Set about completing these small parts, instead of attempting to conquer the entire project in one go. You will find it more manageable and less daunting, and succeeding at each step will motivate you to give yourself a pat on the back.

It is possible to overcome procrastination, you just need to put your back into it and persevere. Use these 5 tips to stop procrastination and take action today.

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Pada 20 Februari 2009 00.28 , Blogger Rana Sinha mengatakan...

Good tips, especially the last one. Quite often we make great resolution and when no magic transformation happens, everything fizzles back to the usual.

Pada 27 Maret 2009 21.38 , Blogger Jade Meng mengatakan...

Sometimes procrastination derives from pursuing perfection. We can never be perfectly ready and do it now.

Pada 28 Maret 2009 04.50 , Blogger conradalardus mengatakan...

you are right a lot of people just stay on the sideline and do nothing.

Pada 28 Maret 2009 11.01 , Blogger Vinay Rai mengatakan...


Pada 29 Maret 2009 03.37 , Blogger Pocketeer mengatakan...

That very good idea to me better men.

Thanks for your good sharing

Pada 2 April 2009 06.14 , Blogger sherry_yao mengatakan...

Great tips. It really helps.The one "Be Realistic" is my weakness. I always have some crazy ideas and have no action.

Pada 5 April 2009 21.05 , Blogger Insider-Insights mengatakan...

These are great tips!

Pada 6 April 2009 07.55 , Blogger Natalie mengatakan...

Thanks for the tips. They are all useful and practical. I see procrastination as the most self destructive behavior, definitely the biggest stone on the road of success.

Pada 7 April 2009 02.40 , Blogger AlpHa Buttonpusher mengatakan...

Easier said than done :/

Pada 15 April 2009 19.20 , Blogger Dirty mengatakan...

Thanks for the tips! This is definitely something we should all be more conscious of. By the way, I found your blog on BlogCatalog. I was just stopping by to say "Hi!" Visit me anytime!

Pada 26 Mei 2009 23.18 , Blogger nanda mengatakan...

Good tips.Tanks for sharing.They are all useful and practical.

Pada 30 Mei 2009 09.30 , Blogger ..........barish k baad ......!!! mengatakan...

very nice info with positive attitude love your blog !

Pada 23 Juni 2009 12.34 , Anonymous Mike mengatakan...

Good tips, nice blog.

Keep up the good work.


Pada 1 Juli 2009 19.46 , Anonymous Dila mengatakan...

Nice tips. Thanks for sharing them.

Pada 30 November 2009 03.19 , Blogger 桂綸鎂Diana mengatakan...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!

Pada 19 Maret 2010 10.20 , Anonymous Anonim mengatakan...


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