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The Law of Action - Helps You Manifest What You Desire!

by: Adam Price

The law of action states that knowledge alone isn't power, knowledge put to good use is the ultimate power. Because when you look at it, both knowledge and action when separated and acted upon without the other is fruitless.

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson that said "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Lets place the emphasis here on enthusiasm and the efficient and passionate pursuit of what it is we want to achieve through the use the knowledge we so often painstakingly acquire.

So why do I mention the words "passionate pursuit" in an enthusiastic way?
You see, the power that is often sought after by so many, is impossible to achieve if there is no passion or enthusiasm to begin moving towards a goal. We often learn and learn and learn, quietly saying to ourselves "once I've mastered this subject, then I'll begin putting it into practice," but that day often never comes, and we can end up educated invalids.

On the other hand, there's teh person who just takes a tiny bit of information and runs with it, learning more along the way... As the famous shoe brand Nike states "Just Do It". You'll notice that two people who start on a journey toward a goal exactly the same at the beginning, can end up in two very dis-similar outcomes due to the amount of passionate action they put to the knowledge they acquire.

What I'm saying here is, by taking small amounts of knowleddge and acting on them is far better than non-action on specialist knowledge. Even if you don't know completely what you're doing, just begin it now as passion and bold action are the movements of a genius. Don't let your limited or extensive knowledge of what it is you "love" to do, go to waste through inaction.

I've known many very intelligent people, quite a number of them from my school days. Straight A's and distinctions they would get in school, then go on to gain PhD's in College for the subjects they chose to study (Quite often medicine or law). However many years later, I run across em and they've either failed and quit, still studying or in another speciality, and still working in some little job to try and make end meat.


They chose to do nothing with their knowledge!! Now let's look at the mechanics behind why this would happen. Firstly, to study at college and get good marks is really a science that once learned can be carried out without "passion" and that's not helping you fulfill your life any, and good grades are useless to you if you hate what you do. The world would be their oyster if they decided to take the skills and knowledge they've learned and "Apply" it to real life.

But... It's often easier to choose not to and rest on their laurels of success from their study, their real smart, and "could" do anything they want. Little do they realize, deep down they are self-sabotaging by not taking action. You see, success could be theirs, it could be yours and it could be mine quite easily, if only we begin to act. But being stagnant and doing nothing is much simpler!

You may find that by deciding to live in accordance with the law of action principal in your life, that you need to overcome various obstacles. For some of you it could be money, for others someone or a group that doesn't think you can achieve what you've set out to learn, but now don't want to put into action "because you might fail"!!

But know this, you need to do what feels right for you!!

I began this very website (and now string of websites) from initial study and research, then I did more and more research. Over time I realized that my broad knowledge wasn't going to help anyone unless I began to enthusiastically "infect" people with my internet marketing knowledge, so they can realize themselves how passionate I am about it and help them achieve the same.

But when it was my turn to put into practice the skills I had learnt, and being passive was just to easy for me. So I sat on my skills for 3 years, and eventually I began this site and over time a string of others, the fact that the size of these projects, and knowing how long it takes to build an online empire of knowledge and income had me in a state of analysis paralysis and a scattered mindset.

My logic and reasoning in my own head was "Heck you can't even write, you dropped out of school at 15 for goodness sake, and you didn't even go to college, how can you create an online empire and teach others the same?"... Well, the way I did it, was, one day, I wrote an article and it was terrible, then I realized what I'd been teaching people for years, use an editor to improve it... And it was successful, after that initial breakthrough a number of other obstacles were identified and "acted" upon. From there I was able to move forward to where I am today, becuase my passion was greater than the pain of innaction.

You may not reach your goals straight away, and heaven knows that you need to struggle (sometimes a great deal) to get better, but the essence here is to not get bitter in the process, just get better. There will be ups and downs, hills and hollows, but by being exposed to all the laws of the universe and success principals, you will have a solid grounding in getting whatever it is you want.

God's delays are not God's denials and beginning a major project takes guts, stamina, knowledge and passionate dedicated action. You will learn that adversity doesn't create your character, it reveals it and makes you stronger.

Learn to put your disappointments aside, say to yourself "I'll worry about them tomorrow" and then just get stuck right back into achieving your goals and passions. Believe me, when you ask the universe for something you want passionately and love, over time it will answer you (and it can be very fast also, sometimes a matter of hours), the universe has modes of operation that once we know how to tap into them, we get what we desire sooner rather than later. Because the idea of "I'll get it over time" is our self-limiting belief, the universe only knows one thing, ask and I'll bring it forward, if you want it fast, I'll give it fast... In essence it will give it to you at your rate of self-belief or self-doubt.

The law of action is one of the most critical things you could ever keep at the top of your mind in everything you do... Please don't wait for perfection, because you'll be waiting a very long time, and there's no better way to perfect something that by being passionate about it and putting it into practice along the way.

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